Sunday 21 July 2013

Does your DJ have a Van

Advantages with a Proper business Van, not a car.

Here s why. Experience is variable word. I know D.J s that DJ once a month for the last 5 years and i also know other D.J s that  DJ twice a week for the last 3 years.

So for me experience is earned through the amount of work you have done rather than the amount of years you have worked.

My experience has taught me to be well organised. Have quality gear and duplicates of everything, hence my van.

That right, with Canberra DJ Hire , nothing is really left to chance or doubt.

I carry spare cables / adapters as cabled twist and bend and don t last forever,Extra lighting  because sometimes fuses on lights blow,Torches, so i can see what i am doing in the dark,Spare microphones and a 2 dozen spare batteries and Back up speakers, just incase.

Having a Van and the space that a Van has allows me to have everything and doubles of that which i need. Most Djs will have a sedan or borrow a car which means they load their gear in and out each week, creating the chance to forget to load something even greater.

In my experience a DJ does not need everything, but having immediate replacements on site at your gig venue is going to save you embarrassment.

I ve been to event where Djs have forgotten simple gear and raced off home to get it while the venue ism left soundless. Then again you pay for what you get.

Canberra DJ Hire advises you to make sure you hire the correct Company.

As always enjoy and have fun

Canberra DJ Hire.

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