Saturday 20 July 2013

Deejays VS The Band

So many D.J s have a sad story to tell about they time they worked with a live band? 
In my 14 years as a professional D.J I have played with 1000 s of bands. Some great and fun whilst others not so good! Some famous…some and some not,some have been professional and a real pleasure to work alongside and other have not.
The right live band combined with a Canberra DJ hire can make for a cracking night. A good band can create a totally different atmosphere on the dance floor to that of a D.J and by working together they can make a special night for all in attendance…but things don’t always run smoothly when working together.
At Canberra DJ hire we are happy to work with anyone, Bands, Celebrants, M.C s
Our post is aimed to highlight some issues that can occur when D.J s work with bands but I’m pleased to say that things appear to have moved on and bands and D.J s now work in harmony to create the perfect night’s entertainment…don’t they???

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