Sunday, 31 March 2013

Canberra Birthday Party Dj

Canberra Birthday Party DJ, great party DJs are the ideal entertainment solution for your 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th or any Birthday party celebration. If you are 1 or a 101 we are the reliable Canberra Birthday Party Dj  with experienced Birthday party DJs that will help make the occasion a super celebration.

Over the years we also had the pleasure to perform at countless other types of party including surprise party's.

Mobile Discos ~ 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th Birthday Party DJs.

Canberra Corporate Party Dj

Canberra DJ Hire over 900 Black Tie Corporate Events, Corporate Christmas Parties, Product Launches, Celebrity Parties and Summer BBQs.

Specialising in small to large Corporate Events, Canberra DJ Hire have the valuable expertise to provide your event with the perfect DJ from a DJ Roster of 70 DJs to suit your individual requirements and the musical tastes of all of your guests, no matter what age. With so many Canberra DJ Hire DJs on hand we able to cover any DJs that suddenly take ill and all our DJs are aware of the importance of time keeping, reliability and conducting themselves in a professional manner, leaving you to enjoy the party.

All the Canberra DJ Hire DJs realise the importance of conducting themselves in a professional manner. They are reliable, punctual and courteous. Every Canberra DJ Hire DJ will arrive in plenty of time beforehand to set up with minimal disruption before your guests arrive. Their next objective is to keep the dance floor packed all night making it a fun filled and memorable night for all.

Canberra DJ Hire are the ideal entertainment DJ solution for your Corporate event.

Canberra Kids Party Dj

Kids disco and children's parties hosted by Canberra DJ Hire can provide an active and fun atmosphere for all ages - providing all those favourite pop tunes that they want to hear, letting them dance like their idols on MTV, getting them dancing to High School Musical songs and helping you to organise and run those kids party favourite games.

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Wedding DJ

You dream of your wedding reception as the party event of the year – and your lifetime.  We have some music tips to help you make sure that happens.

Canberra DJ Hire Tips

Consider your guests.  When thinking about the songs for your wedding reception, consider the age and personality of your guests.  While much of your play list will include Top 40 and dance hits, remember that guests have some favourite songs that they like to dance to at weddings as well.

Trust your DJ.  While you will likely attend a few weddings this year, your wedding DJ will be performing at numerous events.

Dance Floor. Nothing kills the flow of a dance floor more than constant interruptions.

End It On The Right Note. Whether a special slow song for the romantics, or a sing-a-long for friends, give some consideration to  your last song of the evening

Friday, 29 March 2013

Wedding DJ Service

We expect all you newly engaged couples to come and visit our website Canberra Wedding DJ  to start planning that wedding! Canberra DJ Hire  have Djs with,Intelligent lights, Dancing and a fog machine, Trust us to make your wedding perfect.

Canberra Dj Hire 80s DJ Theme

Canberra Dj Hire rocked an 80′s themed event this past weekend! The event was a huge success! The room was decorated in neon colors, with hints of the 80′s on every table! Canberra Dj Hire provided an 80′s themed light show which even included a disco ball!

Canberra Dj Hire also provided a few extra items such as a projector screen, so guests can have their pictures placed into different 80′s movies! A few choices consisted of Rocky, and The Breakfast Club!

We also had Michael Jackson celebrity cut outs, that really made the event awesome. Every body was taking photos with the Michael Jackson cut out.

 Thank you again and we look forward to partying with your group next year!