Friday 29 March 2013

Canberra Dj Hire 80s DJ Theme

Canberra Dj Hire rocked an 80′s themed event this past weekend! The event was a huge success! The room was decorated in neon colors, with hints of the 80′s on every table! Canberra Dj Hire provided an 80′s themed light show which even included a disco ball!

Canberra Dj Hire also provided a few extra items such as a projector screen, so guests can have their pictures placed into different 80′s movies! A few choices consisted of Rocky, and The Breakfast Club!

We also had Michael Jackson celebrity cut outs, that really made the event awesome. Every body was taking photos with the Michael Jackson cut out.

 Thank you again and we look forward to partying with your group next year!

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