Thursday, 14 May 2015

Reading The Crowd Is Just Lip Service

We are sure you have heard the expression “read the crowd” before. Most DJs will toss that phrase out when explaining what they do and how they do it. At Canberra Mobile DJ hire we know that reading the crowd is all fine and good, but if you don’t DO anything with the information it gives you, then it’s pointless! It is like cramming for a test, but then forgetting everything the first time you’re faced with a real-life situation. We have been to countless events, as DJs and as part of the crowd, so we know a thing or two about reading the crowd. More importantly, we know what to DO when the reading is done!
Reading the crowd is an important aspect of DJing, not to be overlooked. You have to actually SEE what people are doing, not what you think they are doing, or expected them to do, or wish they would do. For example, are they actually dancing? How much of the crowd is dancing and how many are sitting down? How long have they been sitting? Do they get up or sit down every time a certain kind of music is played? There are finer details too, like are people smiling? Do they cheer or look exasperated when new songs begin? Are they getting more or less enthusiastic in their dance moves? Once a DJ has collected this important information, they then need to actually use it! If funk songs are making everyone but a few die-hards leave the floor for a fresh cocktail, change course! If people cheer every time you play a cheesy 80’s song, keep them coming! Using these details to direct your music choices is the touchstone of an outstanding DJ.
At Canberra Mobile DJ hire, we have a whole crew of outstanding DJs that can not only read crowds, but can also use that knowledge to do great things–like keep your guests happy and grooving all night long!

Planning Your Event — What Should You Do First?

Once you decide you’re hosting an event, it’s time to get busy planning! Deciding on all the details of your event is plenty of fun, but it can also be overwhelming. Since we have been involved in plenty of amazing events, we want to share some tips for getting started that should help all your decisions fall into place.

As soon as you know you’re having an event, it is important to pick your date and reserve your venue as soon as possible. If your event date is far off in the future, it can be tempting to think you don’t need to get do this right away, but that isn’t the case! Many venues book out over a year in advance, especially during their peak season or on coveted weekend dates. If your event is right around the corner, it is crucial to find out what venues still have openings and get your’s booked right away.

Before you do any research on venues, you will need to have at least a rough estimate of your guest count. Many venues only hold a limited number of people, so before locking in a location, figure out how many people are on your “must invite” list, in order to avoid having to turn away any important guests on the big day!

Another thing you will need to decide before picking your venue is what is more important to you–where or when? If you have always known you were going to get married at a specific church or you want to host a networking event a specific hotel, then you may need to be flexible with your date.