Saturday 17 August 2013

Canberra Trivia

Trivia is here

Canberra DJ Hire is now hosting Trivia fun with your party. Its well worth the additional fee and make any Event that much more fun.

Theme vary and include General knowledge, sports and science. We also host themed trivia specificly to your theme.

Here's what we will supply to run a Trivia night:

  • A well-picked selection of great, fact-checked and well-organised questions and answers in a variety of interesting subjects.

  • The running sheet for the event, full of expert tips to keep your night on track, explain exactly how to use all the materials and help you through every step of the experience.

  • Extra materials to compliment the main trivia portion of the event including Puzzle Pages, Bonus Questions and Tie-Breakers.

  • Easy-to-use answer sheets for the teams to fill in as they hear the questions.

  • The master score sheet for the quiz master to record the players scores and to determine the winners of the events
Some of the past nights have included Star Wars, Disney EPL Football, James Bond 007 and The Simpsons

So let us plan your intelligent  quiz night and we can really make a night out go with a bang, better yet we ll provide everything needed.

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