Thursday 31 January 2019

Maso Cup Disco

Every year Maso Soccer Cup attracts hundreds of people to play, watch and ofcourse dance, before the final game day.

This Year Queanbeyan hosted the tournament along side the the rights to host the Disco night.

Filled with DJ Alex & Tom weekend rocking the party with Video DJ, Strobe lights, Fog machine, Lazers and DJ lights really set the party up another level.

Their was a blast from the past with the oldschool tunes VS the newschool beats, however as the night progressed DJ Alex K requests come in strong with a Hi NRG session keep patrons activated.

DJ Alex kick started the Macedonian tunes which had everyone participating in the traditional dancing, alongside live drumming that upped the mood.

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of 2019 MASO Cup
Men's - Rockdale City Suns FC
U20 - Rockdale City Suns FC
Masters -Yagoona Lions FC
Women's - Wollongong United FC

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