Wednesday 13 December 2017

how old is too old to dj?

how old is too old to dj?

Great Question from last weeks Xmas party.

Their is really no black and white answer, however the same could be said for many other industries, lets see...if you take you car to the mechanics and younger person serves you and plans on repairing your car, does this mean inexperience, or if you went to the dentist and a young person was going to fill your tooth ? is it biest to expect a certain age gender fits the role, based on age and relying on age to fulfill the role of experience?

At Canberra DJ Hire, we also try to match the DJ with the event scope, so a younger DJ will be allocated a 18th or 21st bday, and a older DJ may be allocated a 50th or 60th Bday...howeverlet also keep in mind, that our young DJ knows his Elvis, Beatles and Rock genre.. as does a older DJ know his EDM, Jump up and Hip hop, because a Canberra DJ Hire DJ is Versatile and flexible, so whatever age the DJ is, as well as he know the genre of muisc, is open to music requests,
and may even play requests we have not heard of, then that DJ can fulfill the music scope regardless of age.

The world is full of young artists and older computer technicians and everyone in business should be adapting.

If you ve hired a DJ that is stuck on their 80's.90's or other playlist without considering your requests, then that DJ's career may of expired and one track that worked 6 months ago for one party,may not work at another party.

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