Friday 17 November 2017

Canberra DJ Hire Spining Tunes for Canberra Vikings Finals 2017

Saturday 11 November 2017 was Crunch time for Canberra Vikings and whilst a competitive match, try time music has in overload with many tries during the game.

Canberra DJ Hire as always keeping the breaks and goal time period entertaining with letting out the best of every genre.

With our massive 2000 watt system the packed stadium was delighted to have music entertainment.

Whilst a mix of Rock, Reggaeton, Top 40, Dance and Hip hop covered the crowded desires a few had a boogie, at one stage several people stopped to have dance while some traditional FIJI music was played and players displayed a thumbs up while keeping motivations high on field.

Anyone who may have missed the game may catch a replay on Foxtel.

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