Wednesday 15 May 2013

Small weddings are just as fun

So you’re having a small wedding.  Less than 50 people. Whatever the reason, we can still make it musically fun for everyone attending. Smaller weddings can be nicer and more intimate than 500 people weddings. Whilst it is my job as a DJ to play requests and the Bride and Grooms selected songs I find that smaller groups form on the dance floor and what actually happens is everyone is up and dancing. People are comfortable as they familiar with each other.

Here are some benefits to smaller weddings

- Invite people actually know
- Don’t have to break your budget if that makes you uncomfortable
- Don’t need a large reception room with four walls and no ambiance
-  No receiving line required for you can actually spend time with your guests
- You can pick a smaller venue with more ambiance and you’ll have more options as well.

Personally I have had great fun mixing it up with smaller weddings for I treat them with the same respect as a larger wedding. It does take a lot more care and attention to detail to be able to do smaller weddings also.

Canberra DJ
Canberra Dj - Small Wedding

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